Our radically different approach to finance has transformed clients’ businesses – and now it could clinch WeDo a prestigious award too.

The team is thrilled that WeDo is a finalist for the North West Business Masters 2022, which concludes with a glittering ceremony later this month.

WeDo was launched by directors Mark Lindsay and Chris Robinson in 2019. And we’ve been dedicated to providing recruitment businesses with everything they need to build and flourish ever since. With the awards on the horizon, it seems like a fitting time to celebrate just what backing and support we provide, as well as the tangible difference it makes to clients. That support includes everything from providing finance to helping recruitment owner-managers with an array of bespoke challenges that come their way each day. To offer this backing, we constantly adapt and listen to what our clients need.  We differ from the competition because all of our staff have an in-depth understanding of the recruitment business.  Our approach, which stands out because of our tailored packages and simple clear fees, is also underpinned by a commitment to trustworthiness plus transparency. 

One example of how we go the extra mile was showcased with a food sector client which could not keep up with demand for a certain product due to cashflow constraints. The team here at WeDo structured a deal that allowed them to purchase machinery and extra stock. The impact was huge, with their turnover doubling in just three months. This kind of result is exactly why the WeDo team strives to do what they do.

There have been tumultuous times for businesses since 2019 thanks to the Covid-19 lockdowns and Brexit, among other factors. To help we rallied and responded to these changes, innovating and diversifying our offering as needed. As a result, we have expanded rapidly, first across the North West and now we are proud to say we are a national businesses service group.

Our team has 95 incredible people providing clients with expertise on invoice and trade finance, support services, accountancy and much more. This talented team is recognised and taken care of in the same manner that clients are.

Progression opportunities are frequent for WeDo employees and we encourage secondments for people to try different skills. Such a focus on retention has naturally led to our training, succession and talent mapping programme. Our different approach has also resulted in diversity within the team. The youngest employee at WeDo is 19 and the oldest 64, while we attract talent across a range of nationalities.

Benefits packages are personalised and we make sure to offer the latest, most secure virtual working systems. Staff wellbeing was a top priority through the pandemic, so we focused on mental health, keeping in touch about life and running virtual social events for charity.

Now, of course, we can get together in real life again. So attending the North West Business Masters will be a wonderful way to celebrate just how far we’ve come.

No matter the result on November 10, we know everyone here at WeDo is a winner. 

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