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Recruitment Finance

Finding work for your candidates is only half the battle – now you have to pay them… on time.

But you’re not getting paid for ages. What do you do? Simple. You let us fill the gap – and convert your unpaid invoices into immediate cash.

recruitment finance

What is recruitment finance?

Recruitment finance is an easy way to improve cashflow and make up the difference between when you have to pay your candidates and when your clients pay you for their work.

We’ll send you the money against your outstanding invoices, so your candidates are paid on time, you have more money to play with and everyone is happy. No more cashflow worries, or admin headaches, we’ve got you covered.

We’re experts in recruitment finance, so we can run your payroll, HMRC and credit control – giving you one less thing to worry about and more time to focus on growing your business.

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How it works


beter cash flow

Improved cashflow

Release cash you’re already owed in advance, allowing you to reinvest in your business and stay growing.

peace of mind

Peace of mind

You don’t need to wait to be paid by clients to keep your business running as usual, candidates paid on time and everyone happy.

expert support

Support from the experts

Speak with senior consultants with commercial understanding and empathy, who can guide you through the best options.

no hidden fees

Simple, transparent fees

You’ll know exactly how much each invoice is going to cost, with no surprises or hidden extras.

one month rollling contract

One month rolling contracts (optional)

You won’t be locked into a long contract. Cancel any time. But once we get started, we think you’ll want to stick with us.

WeDo Back Office

Add on recruitment back office support to free up time for growth.

We’ll handle all the daily admin and paperwork, so you can focus on what you do best.


How can I start the process?2024-03-03T14:06:45+00:00

Contact us to discuss your requirements. We’re all about finding solutions to problems – we’ll spend time getting an understanding of your situation and see if we can help.

How do I know if my business is eligible for invoice finance?2024-02-25T22:28:23+00:00

You need to trade business-to-business and be raising invoices with credit terms.

Is my business credit history important for approval?2024-02-25T22:29:45+00:00

Not necessarily, but it’s always good to be upfront so we can explore your options.

Can I use the service more than once?2024-02-25T22:30:28+00:00

Yes – it can be used as an ongoing way to boost cashflow and release cash before it’s paid to your clients.

What if my client never pays me?2024-02-25T22:31:23+00:00

We’ll lay out your options – all of this will be discussed before you sign a contract.

Do you chase our debt?2024-02-25T22:35:04+00:00

As a standard, all of our facilities come with credit control.


“The team are a breath of fresh air. They are always there to support when we need them and help find solutions to any obstacles we face.”

Rana Rihan
Director, Workoola

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