As you will probably know, since our incorporation in 2019 we have grown to be a thriving team of specialists in recruitment finance and business services. 

We’ve gone from four staff to 95 since 2019… so it was time to find a new home!

Aside from agreeing to work three-to-a-chair, we couldn’t keep growing at the speed we are without a new hive for our bees. After a couple of months of upheaval, we wanted to tell you all about our new base! 

As our team continues to grow, and with many HQ colleagues based around Greater Manchester, we have relocated to Meadowbank House, on the Meadowbank Business Park in Chadderton, Oldham. It was important that our new base was close to the Metrolink and the motorway network, with plenty of available free parking for staff and visitors. Most staff have a short commute, and some can even walk to our new offices, which is great.

We have a network of WeDo hives across the country, with offices in Colchester, Sheffield, Swindon and Salford. This means there are near enough 100 WeDo staff buzzing around the country, offering the best possible business solutions to our clients (who are, of course, welcome to visit!)

The new move gives us scope to recruit more members to the head office team as we organically grow the business. 

WeDo senior management think it is important that staff are encouraged get away from their desks regularly and create a social environment that supports creativity, positivity and productivity as well as positive wellbeing. Therefore, they’ve had a pool room, breakout facilities and PlayStation implemented, too! 

Our Managing Director, Mark Lindsay, said: “We’ve developed rapidly by becoming a true business service partner to our clients, helping new and existing businesses to significantly improve their cash flow, their operations and their earnings potential.”

“Our strategy is to continue to expand the range of services we are able to offer and to further strengthen our relationships with existing clients as well as helping us to attract new ones across the country.”

If you’re looking for a business services supplier who can help you every step of the way, get in touch and give us a buzz!

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