Averil Gooding is our Relationship Manager and, believe us, her experience and knowledge are unrivaled. Averil has worked in the finance industry for over thirty years, joining the WeDo team a couple of months ago.

Since she joined, Averil has fitted right in with the team and brings a fresh eye to everything we do. If you’re a WeDo client, you might be speaking to her very soon! We thought we’d introduce you to our newest bee in the hive.

How did you find out about WeDo and what made you join?

I’ve known our MD, Mark for years through working at different businesses. Actually, I’ve known a lot of the team for a while so it really was a great step for me to join. I’ve worked at Davenham Finance and Close Brothers, so a lot of us already know each other and have a good working relationship. It can be daunting to leave a job you’ve been in for a long time, as I had at Close Brothers, but knowing the team made it a much easier decision.

I saw a post on LinkedIn about how WeDo was recruiting and I reached out, it was then that Kelly contacted me and told me the WeDo story – and here we are! 

What is your background?

I’ve been in the industry for thirty years. I started out in the industry as a Client Manager, but mainly the work I have done has been relationship management. In fact, it’s probably coming up to twenty years now that I’ve been a Relationship Manager! 

What is a typical day in your role?

I spend my days usually talking to our clients; either over the phone or visiting them in person. I love going out to meet people, it’s great to talk to people face-to-face as it just makes things more personal.

I also look at client facilities, where the client’s business is and where they need to be. I look and see if we need to review anything, or if there’s anything we need to change for them. 

No two days are the same and all our clients are different. People have different business plans, teams, growth strategies and more. It keeps me busy learning about how WeDo can help them on an individual basis.

What future do you see for you at WeDo?

I want to stay here at WeDo and grow with the company. I felt at home and like I fitted in straight away. I’ve been here under two months and it feels like much longer! I love the fact that everybody rolls up their sleeves and supports each other as we all take responsibility to ensure the clients get the best service. 

What do you do outside of work?

I have a very lively springer spaniel, Daisy, who needs a lot of walking! I take her to Wales a lot for a run on the beach and some fresh air. Spaniels need a lot of exercise, so she definitely keeps me busy.

I like going shopping – you can’t beat retail therapy – followed by a meal and some drinks.

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