For many reasons, September 2019 seems like a lifetime ago. As a World, collectively, we’ve been through quite some upheaval, changes, and grief. With all those things comes resilience, strength, and courage – something we have all had to find in ourselves recently.

Since we wrote this blog in January 2020 about starting the business, we couldn’t have imagined the disruption the World was about to face. But we made it and we’re now two years old!

We are still at the forefront of our industry, supplying finance and back office support to many recruitment agencies and other organisations. Our invoice finance services free up working capital to ensure that businesses have a steady, sustainable cash flow. Our back office support means that business owners have time to work on what they do best and can grow sustainably without the boring paperwork. Finally, our start-up funding has gone from strength to strength and we have seen so many new recruitment agencies flourish with a little extra financial support.

Another thing that has changed in so many ways is the team at WeDo. Over two years we have tripled in size, with experts from across recruitment, finance and other sectors joining us on the journey. The WeDo Hive is buzzing with worker bees who want to help you succeed. You can meet some of the team by reading through our news pages.

As part of our growth, we have launched two new arms of the WeDo business over the last two years. Complimenting WeDo Finance are WeDo HR Support and WeDo Trade Finance.

WeDo HR Support is led by Sarah Cook. Sarah has years of commercial and HR experience gained working for organisations such as Thomas Cook, Business Link, Bibby Financial Services and more. She’s passionate about organisational culture, growth, and development. Sarah and her team provide outsourced HR Support, covering every aspect of HR, from staying on top of the boring paperwork that no one wants to do, to helping business owners see the bigger picture when it comes to culture and morale.

Next, we launched WeDo Trade Finance. Trade finance offers a simple solution to cash flow problems for trade businesses. Often, suppliers need paying for goods upfront, and businesses need the goods to generate money. WeDo Trade Finance pays suppliers up to 100% of the cost of their goods, enabling businesses to keep control of their cash flow.

As we continue to support our clients to grow, we’re adapting our services and teams to meet their needs. We want to be the trustworthy supplier that recruitment agencies turn to for business support, finance, and guidance. Here’s to the next anniversary!

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